Electronics Circuits Simulator. Interactive Assignments.

Dcaclab Is The Only One Of Its Kind Of Circuit Simulator Which Provides You Real Life Experience

Features Of Dcaclab Circuit Simulator
  • Real Life Experience In The Circuit Simulator
  • Real Life Components
  • Current Flow And Electron Flow Mode
Browse Users Experiements
Browse Throughout The List Of Our User's Experiments And Watch The Circuit Simulations Done By Our User

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For Teachers
  • Classrooms (Organize Your Students In Classrooms)
  • Assignments (Create Assignments For Your Students Using Circuits)

What Our Users Say About Us?

Its nice to play with it. The UI makes me feel like i’m using an actual Relay unit in a lab.


The visual you have included for electron flow is fantastic and really helped them understand how current is divided in a parallel circuit.


The real aid to of your site is the speed at which I can build test a circuit. I can do in 5 min online what would take an hour or more with the real thing.

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